Managed Services & ODC

Managed Services

We provide end-to-end IT Managed Services that includes:

  • Application (Software) – ERP, Mobile, Cloudbase, Custom System (any kind)
  • Hardware (Server, PC, Mobile Devices, Biometric Devices, Barcode, GPS etc.
  • Infrastructure (Network, LAN, WAN, IoT Sensors etc.)
  • SLA Based Contract
  • All Industry Covered

Off-shore Development Center (ODC)

Dedicated Development Center

With this option a team of dedicated resources are assigned for a fixed period of time. These teams will act as an extended IT arm of your teams or IT department. Dedicated team are although a part of Cloudmate , will have complete access to all the facilities and support as other teams do and if required can be equipped by specialized needs as demanded by clients.

Joint Development Center

This method involves both onsite and offshore teams to work in collaboration where you have 35% of team using your resources from your company and 65% of development and important project management work happens onshore or with near shore coordination.